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Why should anyone care about fusion energy?

Dear friends,

We have talked about fusion energy and the fusion industry over several posts and you hopefully have a better understanding of both. But why should you care? In this post, we will talk about why delivering electricity from fusion energy as soon as possible is important to all of us.

As mentioned in our first post, one of the main reasons for caring about fusion energy is climate change and the need to decarbonise electricity generation. Another important reason is that our quality of life is highly dependent on an affordable and reliable electricity supply. Anyone that has experienced any sort of interruption to their electricity supply has an understanding of the importance of electricity to our daily lives.

As the ratio of renewable power in our energy mix increases, we see some side-effects that jeopardise the affordability and the reliability of our electricity supply. We have seen black-outs and energy spot-prices being very volatile as the grid is struggling to manage the discrepancy between peak supply and peak demand. Where renewables have a very high penetration we see electricity prices in general being very high, with Germany being a prime example. We also see natural gas emerging as a necessary backup option where renewables increase their share of energy generation.

Simultaneously to this, we see the retreat of nuclear power, with some countries phasing it out completely and others struggling to build new power stations on time and in budget.

The need for an affordable, reliable and sustainable power source has never been higher and none of the solutions currently deployed appears to be a silver bullet. We need such a solution now, but none exists. The closest appears to be fusion energy, if we deliver it soon; certainly not on the time-scale of the public fusion program.

Electricity from fusion will be a direct replacement to our current power stations, providing affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity to power an increase in our energy use. It needs to be delivered as soon as possible, which is why the effort of private companies is so important. Of these companies, we believe Fusion Reactors has the most promising approach to deliver fusion in time.

Please continue spreading the word about Fusion Reactors.

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