Why we started Fusion Reactors

Dear friends,

Like you, we have been deeply troubled with the dual tragedy of people around the world suffering from energy poverty and of Climate Change. Together, these are the defining challenge of our time.

Like you, we have searched within ourselves what it is we can do to help solve this problem. We welcome the increased debate in the media and the increased engagement of citizens around the world, either through politics or demonstrations or through activism.

Like you, we wanted to do more; this is what led to the creation of Fusion Reactors. We see fusion energy as the holy grail of energy production; affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity for all. We welcome the sustained effort in national labs, but we need to move faster.

Fusion Reactors aims to use a different, faster approach to the deployment of fusion energy, so that it can be delivered in time to make a difference.

Join us, help us, in our mission.

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